2016 Memos
2016 Memos 
Phone Tree Contact Memo    PDF  225.46k    
Martin Luther King Day 2016    PDF  64.88k    
Presidents" Day 2016    PDF  189.46k    
Order Your Own Tax Transcripts    PDF  276.96k    
eSign Consent Memo    PDF  48.11k    
Timeline for 2015 IRS Transcripts    PDF  256.38k    
FHA Student Loans    PDF  215.71k    
VA Changes to Unreimbursed Employee business Expenses    PDF  191.99k    
Memorial Day 2016    PDF  61.83k    
Independence Day 2016    PDF  191.43k    
Lobor Day 2016    PDF  69.07k    
Flood Insurance Escrow and Deductable Requirements    PDF  64.45k    
Upfront Guarantee and Annual Fee Decrease    PDF  213.94k    
RD Conditional Commitments    PDF  57.84k    
RD Conditional Commitments - UPDATED    PDF  58.33k    
Michigan Recording Fee Update    PDF  58.37k    
Hurricane Matthew Disaster    PDF  80.67k    
Veterans Day    PDF  191.87k    
Thanksgiving Day Reminder    PDF  195.40k    
Wildfires Disaster     PDF  192.06k    
2017 Loan Limits Announced    PDF  184.18k    
2017 HVF Partners VA Recertification    PDF  138.52k    
Holiday Reminders    PDF  193.68k    
2017 FHA Loan Limits Announced    PDF  80.87k    
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