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About HVF Partners

Work with HVF Partners – and build on our proven lending performance.

Since our founding in 1997, Huron Valley Financial has grown steadily into a regional lender with various office locations in the state of Michigan. When you work with us, you get a true business partner who offers you a Blueprint for Success. Building from our successful retail presence and ability to service loans locally, we formed HVF Partners in 2016. This division has extended our footprint. We now have seasoned HVF Partners representatives covering all of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Enjoy the support of a team of professionals dedicated to your lending success.

HVF Partners is focused on building long-term partnerships with mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, community banks, and credit unions. Our executives, representatives, and administrators average decades of experience in wholesale lending.

Our co-founders, Eric Bradley and Bill Roberts, opened Huron Valley Financial in 1997. In 2016, we established HVF Partners as our wholesale lending division. Through our 1st Nations Reverse Mortgage division, we also help financial institutions provide financial stability for their senior clients.

Lisa (Bassett) Goldsworthy is HVF Partners’ VP and Director of TPO Lending. Contact Lisa to learn more.

TURN TIMES for July 10, 2019

UnderwritingBusiness Days
HVF Ordered AppraisalsPurchase7
Appraisal Inspection Date3-5
CAD Review1
Purchase Funding1-2
Broker Closing Documents2
UW Conditions Received Before 2 PM EST2
All turn times posted reflect document packages received before 2PM EST