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Chase Kinder

Account Executive Reverse

Chase Kinder is a seasoned Reverse Mortgage Account Executive passionate about helping mortgage brokers increase their production and profitability. Chase is dedicated to helping his clients, his fellow employees and his community. Chase is very active with in his church and helps to champion the cause of the many charities he is involved with. A graduate of Stockton University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, Chase is very involved in implementing new and innovative ways to teach and communicate to potential clients and their families. Chase’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Despite his relative youth, he is a born leader and is beloved by both his clients and fellow co -workers.

Chase has developed a reputation as a relentless worker, skilled communicator and innovative thinker. Once a top licensed loan originator, Chase has shifted his focus to now help other loan originators across the country achieve prosperity. Chase knows what it takes for a loan originator to realize great achievement and shares his vast knowledge with the clients he serves. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Chase’s “in the trenches” approach and commitment to customer service – especially in today’s competitive environment – is why he is so beloved by all he meets.

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Chris Hartley

Account Executive Reverse

Chris is passionate about the reverse product and what it can do for seniors. He joined 1st Nations Reverse in 2017 as a Reverse Mortgage Account Executive. Chris guides and assists his brokers throughout the entire process from origination to closing and looks forward to helping his clients live a more comfortable, joyful, stress-free life each and every day.  Chris has assisted families from all across the United States secure their reverse mortgages.  He focuses on education, seeking to provide informative and sound advice, taking the time to really listen and truly understand his client’s needs. He works closely with his clients, their families and trusted advisers, explaining in detail how a reverse mortgage will work as a key component of the overall retirement planning strategy in maximizing quality of life. Chris has been in sales for over 20 years as an Manager, Trainer and Sales Professional and feels his greatest accomplishments are the satisfied customers and clients that he has helped over the years.

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Steve Scott

Account Executive Reverse

Steve ScottSteve Scott began his professional lending career in 1987. In 30+ years of experience, he has excelled in both the retail and wholesale sides of the business.

In 2003, Steve began focusing on reverse mortgage lending. Since then, he has handled hundreds of reverse mortgage transactions for senior homeowners, while enabling other lenders to bring reverse mortgages to their own clients. Steve’s experience included helping First Financial of Northville, Michigan to become a leading third-party advisor to community banks and credit unions wishing to become part of the growing reverse mortgage industry.

Steve joined 1st Nations Reverse Mortgage in October 2016. He focuses on bringing our reverse mortgage products to banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, and brokers by offering a unique partnering relationship through our concierge wholesale platform.

In Steve’s hands-on, no-hassle approach, he walks each lender and client, step by step, through the reverse mortgage lending process. Steve provides education and marketing services. Even more importantly, he handles loan documentation all the way from application through closing. In this way, our partners can successfully offer reverse mortgages without needing years of specialized experience in this lending instrument or having to know every guideline and nuance of our proven program.

“The reverse mortgage is an excellent tool for helping your senior clients reach their full financial goals in retirement. Our unique platform allows more borrowers to seek advice from you, their truly trusted financial advisors. I’m excited to offer this partnering opportunity to financial institutions.”

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Karen Neal

Account Executive Reverse

Karen Neal worked in a family owned business doing forward mortgages and then reverse mortgages from 1981 – 2006.  She has worked in every aspect of the business from originating to processing to closing.  She has been an account executive since 2006 and knows the urgency of answering and returning your phone calls.

Karen has a hands-on, no-hassle approach.  She can walk each broker and client, step by step, through the reverse mortgage lending process. Even more importantly she can answer your questions from the preapplication through to the closing. In turn, our partners can successfully offer reverse mortgages without needing years of specialized training and experience in this lending industry or having to know every guideline and nuance of our proven programs.

Karen can provide education and marketing services to her brokers.  Just let her know how she can be of service to you.

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