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Blueprint for Success

Business Channels

Have confidence in HVF Partners. You’ll get complete wholesale/correspondent lending solutions – with a difference.

HVF Partners will work closely with you to develop your Blueprint for Success in home lending. We can help you, whatever your current lending channel.

We now seek business growth opportunities with like-minded mortgage professionals of any size or at any stage. Building long-term partnerships with mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, community banks and credit unions is an HVF Partners specialty.

To support you, we offer:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • User-friendly technology
  • A management team averaging decades of mortgage industry experience
  • Your own concierge point of contact

With the help of HVF Partners, you can perform at your highest levels of mortgage lending success.

HVF strives to make the approval process as simple and quick as possible.  HVF has multiple channels for delivery to best suit your individual business needs.  To reach Lisa (Bassett) Goldsworthy directly dial 248-249-1209. For Kathy Cantin, Wholesale Administrator dial 248.313.4543.  Contact Us – Become a Partner!

Correspondent Lenders

A competitive platform among leading lenders offering our customers highly experienced underwriting in all product channels – Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA – with a substantial reduction in administrative fees. From delegated support to post-closed review, we strive to keep fulfillment a priority.  Contact Us – Become a Partner!

Non-Delegated Correspondent Lenders

A progressive underwriting relationship in partnering and a post closing efficiency to meet both your productivity and fulfillment needs.  When the time comes for transition to Delegated, we provide a sound support network to help achieve this goal.  
Contact Us – Become a Partner!

Wholesale Brokers

A comprehensive partnership providing full resources for efficient mortgage processing, from pre-underwriting review through TRID compliance and funding, with competitive pricing and lower fees.  Contact Us – Become a Partner!

TURN TIMES for July 10, 2019

UnderwritingBusiness Days
HVF Ordered AppraisalsPurchase7
Appraisal Inspection Date3-5
CAD Review1
Purchase Funding1-2
Broker Closing Documents2
UW Conditions Received Before 2 PM EST2
All turn times posted reflect document packages received before 2PM EST