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Premier Partners

For Our HVF Premier Partners

HVF Partners would like to assist you by enabling you to extend additional home financing options to your customers. Loan programs include:

  • Construction Loan Portfolio Plus
  • Doctor Loan Portfolio Plus

More Advantages for Community Banks

  • You are automatically enrolled in our Premier Partners Loan Program.
  • Enjoy expedited review and purchase of loans.

For complete guidelines on our Premier Partners Loan Program, please contact your HVF Partners Account Executive.

TURN TIMES for July 9, 2019

UnderwritingBusiness Days
HVF Ordered AppraisalsPurchase7
Appraisal Inspection Date3-5
CAD Review1
Purchase Funding1-2
Broker Closing Documents2
UW Conditions Received Before 2 PM EST2
All turn times posted reflect document packages received before 2PM EST