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Featured Lending Programs

Featured Lending Programs

Family First Loan Program

Borrowers get extra flexibility when assisting a physically/developmentally-challenged adult child – or one or both elderly parents – with home financing.  Borrowers may finance the property as an additional primary residence.

Multiple Financed Properties

For the savvy borrower with multiple financed properties – who may be purchasing or refinancing a home as a primary residence, a second home, or an investment property – we have a conforming loan to fit.


TURN TIMES for July 9, 2019

UnderwritingBusiness Days
HVF Ordered AppraisalsPurchase7
Appraisal Inspection Date3-5
CAD Review1
Purchase Funding1-2
Broker Closing Documents2
UW Conditions Received Before 2 PM EST2
All turn times posted reflect document packages received before 2PM EST